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Secret of Germination

Learn more about seed germination


Most of human food is made from dormant seeds.
Dormant seeds are here not to feed humans, but to save transfer of genetic information for the next generation of plants.

Plants have built up several protection systems to protect seeds - their propagating units. This protection can be physical or chemical: toxins, enzyme inhibitors, tannins, phytic acids, etc.
When we are starting to utilize the seed as nutrient (digesting), these protection systems are acting as anti-nutritive materials, which make them difficult to digest and utilize. Because these anti-nutritive materials are present also in the processed food, up to 80% of the nutrient content can not be utilized by the human and animal organisms.

A large amount of the nutritional material produced by the agriculture is lost because of the improper understanding and processing of the foods.
Nutrients in seeds are stored in form of giant molecules in a highly condensed form - like a ZIP file in the computer
The basic goal of our digestion is to break down these giant molecules in order to make them utilizable for our organism and to brake down the several anti-nutritive materials present.

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